Art Antiquity & Law Volume XVI, Issue 4

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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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The Cultural Gifts Scheme: A New Incentive for Philanthropists?
Ruth Cornett

The Return of the Benev. VI 29 Missal to the Chapter Library of Benevento from the British Library
Tullio Scovazzi

Theft by Destruction at Religious and Cultural Sites – the New Nightmare Art Crime and a Threat to London at the Olympics in 2012
Charles Hill

Case Notes

Dealer or Agent? And Why It Matters
Accidia Foundation v. Simon C. Dickinson
Elizabeth Weaver

A Titanic Struggle. An Update – Salvage Beyond the Scope of the UNESCO Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention
RMS Titanic, Inc. v. Wrecked & Abandoned Vessel
Paul Stevenson

Loan or Gift Revisited: Determining the Donor’s Intent (Once Again)
Lord Beaverbrook et al v. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Alex Herman

Gift or Loan? Vincent Van Gogh and Bacon Clarke, Hunt, Cook and Newsquare v. The Association for the Creation of the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation – Arles
Alex Herman