Art Antiquity & Law Volume XII, Issue 1

Scientific journals
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Législation - International
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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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Spoliation and Holocaust-Related Cultural Objects: Legal and Ethical Models for the Resolution of Claims
Norman Palmer

Restoring for the Reich: Commercial and Institutional Restorers in the Service of the Nazi Kleptocracy
Morwenna Blewett

Compensation for Nazi Wrongdoing: the Case for an Integrated Approach
Maria O. Wantuch and Anne Niethammer

Claims for the Restitution of Holocaust-Era Cultural Assets and their Resolution in Germany
Harald König

Case Notes

The Return of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Berliner Straβenszene
Matthias Weller

Warehouse Keepers and Limitation of Liability: Ofir Scheps v. Fine Art Logistic Ltd
Jonathan Wood

Loans versus Gifts: Determing the Donor’s Intention
Lord Beaverbrook v. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Ina Jahn

Iran v. Berend – Renvoi for Movable Property?
Marc Weber

Van Leeuwen: the Compulsive Collector
Lyndel V. Prott