Art Antiquity & Law Volume VIII, Issue 1

Scientific journals
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Législation - International
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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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Ethical Dilemmas for Charities: Museums and the Conscionable Disposal of Art
by Sir Anthony Mason


Controversial Art and the Criminal Law
by Paul Kearns

A Proposed Strategy for the Multilateral Recognition of National Cultural Property: Export Controls
by Robert K. Paterson

Integrating Conservation Strategies into the Overall Development Process
by John Yarwood

The Treasure of Ujfeherto
by David Papp

Case Note

The Portrait of Pastor Adrianus Tegularius by Franz Hals: the Schloss Case before the French Criminal Courts
by Leila Anglade

Conference Reports

Implementation of the UNESCO Convention
by Charlotte C. Woodhead

Art and Money Laundering
by Charlotte C. Woodhead

Copyright in the Twenty-First Century
by Charlotte C. Woodhead