Art Antiquity & Law Volume IV, Issue 1

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Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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Art Law in China
by Zhou Lin

A Collector's View of the Art Loan Process: Lessons from the Denney Collection
by Antony F. Anderson

Art, Antiquities and the Fruits of Crime: Laundering, Investigation and Confiscation (Part II)
by Ian Snaith

Howard and the Paparazzi: Painting Penal Reform in the Eighteenth Century
by Richard W. Ireland

Caught Holding the Bag: When Stolen Art Claims Hits Museum Hosting Loans Shows
by Martha B.G. Lufkin

Constitutional Provisions for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Africa
by Folarin Shyllon

Case Notes

Trusts of Historic and Valuable Chattels: Equitable Interests and Common Law Remedies - MCC Proceeds Inc v. Lehman Bros International (Europe)
by Norman E. Palmer

Occupation, Possession and Title - Flack v. Chairperson, National Crime Authority
by Norman E. Palmer

Conference Reports

Recovery of Stolen and Looted Works of Art
by Katherine Sykes

Greenwich Symposium on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage
by Sarah Dromgoole


Underwater Cultural Heritage Draft Convention

COPAT Code of Due Diligence for Dealers and Auctioneers