Art Antiquity & Law Volume III, Issue 3

Scientific journals
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Législation - International
Législation - National
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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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Quality and Duration of the Finder's Title: Free-Standing or Free-For-All?
by Norman E. Palmer

Protecting the Integrity of a Complex Heritage Object
by Wojciech Kowalski

One Hundred Years of Looting Nigerian Art Treasures 1897-1996
by Folarin Shyllon

What is a Portrait? (Dobell and the portrait of Joshua Smith - the Archibabld prize)
by Ruth Redmond-Cooper


The Export of National Treasures: Reasonable or Treasonable?
by Derek Gillman

Case Notes

Federal Jurisdiction over U.S. Shipwrecks
by Carla J. Shapreau

Artists, Corpses, Property and Theft (R v. Kelly)
by Norman E. Palmer

Striking Out for Delay
by Katherine Sykes

Quedlinburg Indictment Comes too Late
by Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Title to Paintings on Separation of Couple and Subsequent Bankruptcy of One Spouse
by Katherine Sykes

Conference Report

Art and Indirect Taxation: VAT, Customs and Droit de Suite
by Katherine Sykes

Book Reviews

No Voice from the Hall, by John Harris
by Paul Whitfield

Sotheby's: Bidding for Class, by Robert Lacey
by Katherine Sykes

Interests in Goods, edited by Norman E. Palmer and Ewan McKendrick
by Tony Baumgartner