Art Antiquity & Law Volume II, Issue 3

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Législation - International
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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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Title to Wreck (Part II)
by Sarah Dromgoole and Nicholas Gaskell

Export Embargoes and the International Antiquities Market - the Turkish Experience
by Janet Blake

UNESCO World Heritage Convention
by Julia Simmonds

The New Publication Right: how it will affect Museums and Galleries
by Helen Simpson and David Booton


First Nations Heritage: Land Rights and Cultural Integrity
by Sir Anthony Mason

A New Era for Museums?
by Sir Nicholas Goodison

European Community

VAT on Auctioneers' Services
by Joanna Goyder

Conference Reports

Dispute Resolution in Art and Antiquity Claims
by June Sheehan

Taking Security over Art
by Katherine Sykes