Art Antiquity & Law Volume II, Issue 2

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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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Title to Wreck (Part I)
by Sarah Dromgoole and Nicholas Gaskell

An Outline of Moveable Cultural Heritage Protection in Australia
by Gregory J. Tolhurst

Auction Law and Practice in Germany
by Anna-Dorothea Polzer

Codes of Conduct
by Antony Griffiths

Case Notes

Historic Buildings, Listings and Fixtures (Lancaster City Council v. Whittingham)
by A. H. Hudson

Goldreyer Settles for 100,000 Dollars
by Caroline J. Forder

Good Faith, Notice and Innocent Purchasers (International Alpaca Mgmt Pty Ltd v. Ensor)
by Gregory J. Tolhurst

Conference Reports

Law and Art: the Free Movement of Cultural Property (Maastricht, 6-7 March 1997)
by Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Smuggling the Past: Export Laws and the Clandestine Movement of Art (London, 12 March 1997)
by Katherine Sykes

Legal Status of Museum Collections in the UK (London, 24 April 1997)
by June Sheelan

Book Review

Expert Determination by John Kendall
by Norman Palmer