Art Antiquity & Law Volume I, Issue 3

Scientific journals
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Législation - International
Législation - National
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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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Negotiated Sales of Heritage Chattels: The Law, Practice and Procedures with some Comments on Funding (Part 1)
by Edward Manisty

Art Loans as Legal Animals
by Norman Palmer

Portable Antiquities in England and Wales: Current Reporting Arrangements and a Proposed Statutory System
by Ben Ward

Recovering Stolen Art: Practical Recovery Issues and the Role of Law Enforcement Agencies
by Charles Hill

Case Notes

Valuation of Jewellery for Insurance (Leigh and Leigh v. Gurr Johns and Angier Bird)
by A. H. Hudson

Implied Terms and the Usage of Artists' Copyright: Danowski v. Henry Moore Foundation
by Elisabeth Peden

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement v. South Australia
by Andrew Kenyon

Treaties, Legislation and Documents

Department of National Heritage

Treasure Act 1996

National Monuments (Amendments) Act 1994 [Republic of Ireland]

What is the Fair Market Price for a Work of Art?
Department of National Heritage Consultation Paper

Should Conditions be Attached to Private Papers for Export-Defferec Works of Art?
Department of National Heritage Consultation Paper

European Union

Amendment to E.C. Rules: Watercolours, Gouaches and Pastels

Artists' Resale Rights
by Joanna Goyder

Conference Reports

Transacting in Art VI - Art Loans and Exhibitions (London 13 May 1996)
by Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Transacting in Art VII - Art and Insurance (London, 15 May 1996)
by Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Book Review

Textbook on Roman Law, Andrew Borkowski
by Kiron Reid