Memo “Import, Transit and Export of Cultural Property”

Resource theme: 
Security & Prevention
Export, Acquisition & Due diligence
Resource type: 
Tools & Practices - Guidelines
Specialized Body for the International Transfer of Cultural Property
Pages / Length: 
5 p.
Language of publication: 
English, German, French, Italian

Requirement to declare cultural property when goods are imported, in transit or exported or stored in a customs warehouse or bonded warehouse

Since the introduction of the CPTA (Cultural Property Transfer Act), cultural property must be declared as such and in detail at customs.

The new requirements regarding the import, transit and export, which were introduced by the CPTA, allow cultural property which crosses national borders to be controlled and followed more closely.

The Specialized Body for Cultural Property Transfer memo entitled "Import, Transit and Export of Cultural Property" provides answers to the most important issues surrounding the import and export of cultural property to and from Switzerland.