Case studies

You will find in this section links to case studies on various aspects of the transnational trade in cultural objects, developed by different organisations and institutions

Case studies from the Encyclopedia of Trafficking Culture, a leading research programme based at the University of Glasgow. Trafficking Culture is a member of the International Observatory on Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods' Editorial Committee.

ArThemis is a fully searchable online database containing case notes about disputes over cultural property, developed by the Art-Law Centre. It focuses on disputes settled through alternative dispute resolution methods but also examines judicial decisions.
Legal case studies, both litigated and, notably, hard-to-find, out-of-court settlements, developed by the International Foundation for Art Research, an american not-for-profit educational and research organisation dedicated to integrity in the visual arts.
The Registry of Resolution of Claims for Nazi-Era Cultural Assets provides information on the resolution of formal claims made to AAMD member museums regarding works of art believed to have been stolen by the Nazis between 1933-1945.