Journal of Art Crime, Vol 8, Fall 2012

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Traffic of works of art, antiques, ancient documents and natural specimens
Looting of archaeological objects
Fakes & Forgeries
Security & Prevention
Litigation, Return & Restitution
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Bibliography - Scientific journals
Association for Research into Crimes Against Art
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The Role of the Police in the Co-production of Art Security in London
John Kerr

Estimating the Volume of Counterfeit U.S. Currency in Circulation Worldwide: Data and Extrapolation
Ruth Judson and Richard Porter

Getting Governments to Cooperate against Looting: Insights from the American and British Experience
Asif Efrat

Repatriation via the Art Market: A New Type of Recovery, New Trends Coming from China
Johanna Devlin

Planning Revenge: Art Crime and Charles Frederick Goldie
Penelope Jackson

Fingerprinting Objects for the Control of Illegal Trafficking
Dr. W. (Bill) Wei

Context Matters
“Fragmented Pots, Attributions and the Role of the Academic”
David Gill

Lessons from the History of Art Crime
“Counterfeit Money”
Noah Charney

“The Lord Byron Forged Letter: Where’s the Questioned Document Analysis (QDE)?”
John Daab

“The Hattusa Sphinx and Turkish Antiquities Repatriation Efforts”
Aaron Haines

“The Sword in the Museum: On Whether La Vallette’s Sword and Dagger, Currently Housed in the Louvre, Should be Returned to Malta”
Mario Buhagiar

Directed by Andrew Shea
Documentary Film “Portrait of Wally”
Catherine Scofield Sezgin reviews

Edmund de Waal
“The Hare with the Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance”
Catherine Scofield Sezgin reviews

Anne-Marie O’Connor
“The Lady in Gold: Extraordinary Tale of the Klimt Paintings”
Catherine Schofield Sezgin reviews

Q&A with Joshua Knelman
Noah Charney

Summary of Papers Presented at the ARCA Conference on the Study of Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection