Journal of Art Crime, Vol 4, Fall 2010

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Traffic of works of art, antiques, ancient documents and natural specimens
Looting of archaeological objects
Fakes & Forgeries
Legislation - International
Ethics - International
Security & Prevention
Export, Acquisition & Due diligence
Litigation, Return & Restitution
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Bibliography - Scientific journals
Association for Research into Crimes Against Art
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Revolutionizing Security in the Art World One Photograph at a Time
Lauren Cattey

Art Fraud: Deflecting Prosecutorial Intervention Away from the Defective Art Product
John Daab

The Postwar Fate of Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg Archival and Library Plunder, and the Dispersal of ERR Records
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

Art Restitution of Nazi-era Looted Art: A Growing Force in Art and Law
Jennifer Ann Minton

The Skylight Caper: The Unsolved 1972 Theft of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Catherine Schofield Sezgin

An Empty Frame: Thinking about Art Crime
“Palm Tree Justice for Derelict Guards”
Derek Fincham

Security & Safety Reflections
“Tracking and Tracing of Stolen Art Objects”
Ton Cremers

Context Matters
“Greece and the U.S.: Reviewing Cultural Property Agreements”
David Gill

Lessons from the History of Art Crime
“The Art World Wants to Be Deceived: Issues in Authentication and Inauthentication”
Noah Charney

Art Law and Policy
Donn Zaretsky

Connoisseurship All the Way Down:
Art Authentication, Forgery, Fingerprint Identification, Expert Knowledge
Simon A. Cole

On Fakes
Christopher A. Marinello

Response to David Grann’s “The Mark of a Masterpiece,” published in The New Yorker:
From a Legal Perspective
Derek Fincham

The Ethics of Context:
Exploring Assumptions in Discussions about the Looting of Archaeological Sites
Kim Alderman

The Paris Art Theft, May 2010
Catherine Scofield Sezgin

Missing Miniatures from Priceless Illuminated Manuscripts
Patrick Hunt

Ancient Art Works Recovered by the Guardia di Finanza Exhibition
Stefano Alessandrini reviews

The Billionaire’s Vinegar
James Charney reviews

Stolen Masterpiece Tracker
John Kleberg reviews

A Real Van Gogh: How the Art World Struggles with Truth 107
Noah Charney reviews

The Taste of Angels
Art Plunder: The Fate of Works of Art in War and Unrest
Judge Arthur Tompkins reviews

Crimes of the Art World
Art and Crime: Exploring the Dark Side of the Art World
Douglas L. Yearwood reviews

Q&A with Martin Finkelnberg, Head of the Dutch Art Crime Team
Joni Fincham

Q&A with Paul Brachfeld, Inspector General of the National Archives
and Records Administration
Joni Fincham

Reconstructing the Record of Nazi Cultural Plunder
The Dispersed Archives of the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR)
A Survey and Preliminary Guide
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

More than 10,000 Unrestituted Nazi-Looted Art Objects Now Listed on Internet;
Call to Museums, Dealers to Check Holdings

The Art We Must Protect: Top Ten Must-See Artworks in Belgium
Noah Charney