Art Antiquity & Law Volume XI, Issue 3

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Legislation - International
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Bibliography - Scientific journals
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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The Sárospatak Case: Rare Books Return to Hungary from Nizhnii
Novgorod – A New Precedent for Russian Cultural Restitution?
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted and Konstantin Akinsha

The Value of Art or the Art we Value?
Dawn Watkins

Itinerant Art in the European Community: Loans, Collective Title, Shared Enjoyment and the Mystique of Museum Property – A Common Lawyer’s Perspective
Norman Palmer

Private Treaty Sale to a Museum of Heritage Chattels when the Acquiring Institution is not a Body within Schedule 3 Inheritance Act 1983
James Carleton and Edward Manisty

Case Note

Duress, Arbitration and Contractual Liability
A.H. Hudson

UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions