Art Antiquity & Law Volume V, Issue 3

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Legislation - International
Legislation - National
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Bibliography - Scientific journals
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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The Machinery of Nazi Art Looting: The Nazi Law on the Confiscation of Cultural Property - Poland: a Case Study
by Wojciech W. Kowalski

Museums and the Holocaust: the Futility of Litigation
by Norman Palmer

E-commerce and Copyright: Legal Issues for Museums
by Simon Stokes

Can Dust Remain Dust? English Law and Indigenous Human Remains
by Tristan Shek

The Truth of the Matter: Issues and Procedures in the Authentication of Artwork
by Robyn Sloggett

Case Note

Why Nazi Loot Ceased being 'Stolen' when US Forces Seized it in Austria: The Federal 'Schiele' Case
by Martha Lufkin