Art Antiquity & Law Volume IV, Issue 4

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Legislation - International
Legislation - National
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Bibliography - Scientific journals
Leicester : Institute of Art and Law
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The American Legal Response to the Problem of Holocaust Art
by Stephen E. Weil

Art, Law and the Holocaust: The French Situation
by Leila Anglade

The Draft Resolution on Looted Jewish Cultural Property Produced by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
by Patrick O'Keefe

Time Limits in Art and Antiquity Claims (Part I)
by Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Jewellery from a Tomb in Metaponto: a Chronological Review
by Monica Jackson

Case Notes

The Subpoena Heard Around the World: the Schiele Litigation
by Martha Lufkin

Gull-Wing Door Cars and The EC Common Customs Tariff: The Clees Case
by Andrea Biondi

Conference Reports

Art, Law and the Holocaust
by Katherine Sykes

To Lend or not to Lend - the Risks
by Hetty Gleave

Book Review

My Mother's Diamonds: In Search of the Holocaust Assets, by James Kirby, Prentice Hall, Sydney 1998
by Emily Pocock