Information Centre

Actor status: 
Governmental administrations
Official name: 
Informācijas centrs
Main organisation: 
Ministry of the Interior
International Cooperation Division
Postal address: 

Bruninieku street 72b, Riga, LV-1009

Phone number: 
00371 67 20 85 08
E-mail address: 


The Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior is a direct administration authority subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior. The purpose of the activities of the Centre is to facilitate the prevention of and combat against crime and the protection of public order and safety by using the means of information processing and analysis, as well as to provide the Ministry of the Interior and its subordinated institutions with effective radio communication and private electronic network systems, which comply with the requirements set by the European Union.

Information Centre was established in 1970. Currently it is one of the leading state institutions developing new information technology and processing solutions in the field of law enforcement and the leader in the development of the aforementioned solutions in the field of criminal registration. Main functions of the Information Centre are to organise, manage, improve and develop information systems and to ensure the dissemination of related information.

During the time period between 2009 and 2O11, the Information Centre has implemented the EU co-funded project "Improvement of Record Keeping on Stolen and Lost Cultural Values to Promote the Prevention of/Fight against Smuggling". Within the framework of this project, several important goals related to strengthening the fight against illicit traffic in cultural goods have been achieved:

- the input interface of the Integrated Interior Information System (IIIS) (subsystem "Objects in search") has been improved;

- the possibility of including all the previously stored information on lost and stolen cultural objects into the IIIS (subsystem "Objects in search") has been researched;

- special methodology (a set of manuals) on describing and photographing the cultural objects has been developed;

- two new e-services: "Creation of Description of Cultural Objects" and the database "Detection of the Status of Cultural Object" have been developed and are available to the public and specialists.


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