Stop Heritage Crime: legal and illicit trade with cultural heritage

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Sécurité et prévention
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Outils et bonnes pratiques - Bonnes pratiques et programmes
Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
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The illicit trade of cultural objects is increasing, especially in countries in crisis or at war. The primary aim of the project is to create a forum of exchange of experience between Polish and Norwegian professionals involved in the fight against the illicit trade of cultural objects. The two countries face different challenges with the practical implementation of international conventions, as well as national laws and regulations. For these reasons the exchange of practices and experience is useful for both parties. Another important goal of the project is the sharing of ideas on how to increase awareness on both illicit trade and information regarding import and export of cultural objects. This applies to both the general public as well as professionals working in the field of cultural heritage protection – for example the Police and Customs authorities.

Fighting illicit trade of cultural objects is central to the project. Sharing knowledge and experience on how to face this challenge can help generate new ideas - as well as the practical know-how and incentive to implement concrete action.

The primary aim of the project fully corresponds with aims of the Cultural Exchange Fund as it is based on the close cooperation and networking of Polish and Norwegian professionals working in the field of cultural heritage, the Police, Customs, border controls and other relevant sectors.