Journal of Art Crime, Vol 7, Spring 2012

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Trafic d'œuvres d'art, d'antiquités, de documents anciens et de spécimens d'histoire naturelle
Pillage d'objets archéologiques
Faux et contrefaçons
Législation - International
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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Association for Research into Crimes Against Art
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Bordering on Alchemy: A Nation of Counterfeiters
Stephen Mihm

Daubertizing the Art Expert
John Daab

Looting History: An Analysis of the Illicit Antiquities Trade in Israel
Aleksandra Sheftel

The Beltracchi Affair:
A Comment on the “Most Spectacular” German Art Forgery Case in Recent Times
Duncan Chappell and Saskia Hufnagel

The Forger’s Point of View
Thierry Lenain

Art Law and Policy 55 “When Photography Might be Illegal”
Donn Zaretsky

“Rise in Thefts from Museums: Due to Economic Crisis?”
Ton Cremers

Context Matters
“Princeton and Recently Surfaced Antiquities”
David Gill

The Empty Frame
“Giorgio Vasari, Art Thief”
Derek Fincham

Lessons from the History of Art Crime
“Mark Landis: the Forger Who Has Yet to Commit a Crime”
Noah Charney

“Headache Art”
Joshua Knelman

“Appendix on Forensics of Forgery Investigation”
Noah Charney

“Art Crime in North America”
Noah Charney

Anthony M. Amore and Tom Mashberg
“Stealing Rembrandts: The Untold Stories of Notorious Art Heists”
Stuart George reviews

James Cuno
“Museums Matter: In Praise of the Encyclopedic Museum”
David Gill reviews

Joshua Knelman
“Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives Through the Secret World of Stolen Art”
Catherine Schofield Sezgin reviews

Aviva Briefel
“The Deceivers: Art Forgery and Identity in the Nineteenth Century”
Noah Charney reviews

Peter Silverman with Catherine Whitney
“Leonardo’s Lost Princess”
John Kleberg reviews

Q&A with George H. O. Abungu
Noah Charney

Q&A with Ernst Schöller
Noah Charney

Q&A with Joris Kila and Karl von Habsburg
Noah Charney

Q&A with Ralph Frammolino and Jason Felch
Noah Charney

Q&A with Thierry Lenain
Noah Charney

Q&A on Art Crime in Canada
Noah Charney