Journal of Art Crime, Vol 5, Spring 2011

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Trafic d'œuvres d'art, d'antiquités, de documents anciens et de spécimens d'histoire naturelle
Pillage d'objets archéologiques
Faux et contrefaçons
Législation - International
Contrôles et enquêtes des forces de l'ordre
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Bibliographie - Revues scientifiques
Association for Research into Crimes Against Art
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The Case of the Questionable Jeffersonian Lafites: Forensic Applications in Detecting Wine Fraud
John Daab

European Police Cooperation on Art Crime: A Comparative Overview
Ludo Block

Polaroids from the Medici Dossier: Continued Sightings on the Market
David W.J. Gill and Christos Tsirogiannis

The Skylight Caper: The Unsolved 1972 Theft of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Catherine Schofield Sezgin

Art Law and Policy
Donn Zaretsky

An Empty Frame: Thinking about Art Crime
“Stealing” Street Art from a Blighted Canvas
Derek Fincham

Lessons from the History of Art Crime
“Mona Lisa Myths: Dispelling the Valfierno Con”
Noah Charney

Context Matters
“The Unresolved Case of the Minneapolis Krater”
David Gill

A Different View of Art Crime: An Interview with the Sculptor Nicolas Lobo
Danelle Augustin

Freeze of BBC License Fee Continues Dream of Art Thief Who Stole Goya’s “Portrait of the Duke of Wellington” from the National Gallery in 1961
Noah Charney

The Art Loss Register Recovery Update
Executive Director & General Counsel
Christopher A. Marinello, Esq.

Another look at the 2010 ARCA Conference on the Study of Art Crime: Something for Everyone
Diane Joy Charney

I viaggi dell’Assunta. La protezione del patrimonio artistico veneziano durante i conflitti mondiali
Elena Franchi

Exhibition Review: Jan Gossaert at the National Gallery, London
23 February-30 May 2011
Noah Charney reviews

Henry Walters and Bernard Berenson: Collector and Connoisseur
Stanley Mazaroff
Giuseppe Panza: Memories of a Collector
Douglas L. Yearwood reviews

Exhibition Review
Mostra Palazzo Farnese
Noah Charney reviews

Q&A with Peter Watson
Noah Charney

Q&A with Alan Hirsch
Noah Charney

Q&A with the LAPD Art Theft Detail
Catherine Schofield Sezgin

Q&A with the Québec Art Crime Team
Catherine Schofield Sezgin

The Art We Must Protect: Top Ten Must-See Artworks in New York City
Noah Charney