Losses in Relics

Databases, watchlists, catalogues
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Objets volés ou en danger
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Outils et bonnes pratiques - Bases de données, listes de surveillance, catalogues
National Institute of Museology and Collections Protection
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The folder "Losses in Relics", kept by the Criminal Analyses Department, collects information concerning the losses borne by museums and relics as a result of criminal acts and fire. Analyses of threats are made, statistical data concerning crimes against the national heritage are collected. Based on that, the NIMOZ Department of Protective Methods and Techniques can work on new solutions which can improve the degree of protection and security of museums and relics. The department team also carry out systematic searches of relics lost as a result of criminal acts. In case of disclosure of suspicious objects, notification is sent to law enforcement bodies which take over the follow-up of the case.