Creation of Description of Cultural Objects

Standardisation tools
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Sécurité et prévention
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Outils et bonnes pratiques - Outils de standardisation
Information Centre
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Latvian / English / Russian

E-service "Creation of Description of Cultural Objects" is available on the web-page of the Information Centre of the Latvian Ministry of the Interior. With the help of this e-service it is possible for the owner/holder of a cultural objects to create its detailed description and attach its images, which may later be automatically forwarded to the police in case the object is stolen or lost. 

The e-service is available for free and without authorisation in Latvian, English and Russian languages. The service is also available in its off-line form, with a free software downloadable on-line. The created description and photo images of the object can be saved as a file by the owner. The process guarantees the confidentiality of the data for its users, and no data about the object (owner, location or value) are collected by the Latvian authorities during the use of the e-service. 

The e-service also offers manuals on how to create a good description of a cultural object for heritage professionals, law enforcement agencies and private owners.