Kulturgutschutz Deutschland

Databases, watchlists, catalogues
Thème de la ressource: 
Objets volés ou en danger
Type de ressource: 
Outils et bonnes pratiques - Bases de données, listes de surveillance, catalogues
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien)
Langue de publication: 
German, English

Kulturgutschutz Deutschland (Protection of Cultural Property Germany) is a joint federal and state project.


The aim: To preserve our cultural heritage

One of the most important goals of protecting cultural property is keeping our cultural heritage intact for future generations. In order to achieve this goal, we must protect cultural objects from damage, destruction and removal.

Cultural objects of national significance are not only important for our own sense of identity, they also serve as ambassadors to promote international understanding. Because cultural objects always bear witness to overall human development, protecting them benefits all of us.


The protection of cultural property needs to be transparent

Cultural assets must be protected, because they provide people and nations with a sense of identity. As an important witness to human history, they must be preserved for later generations and made available to the public.The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, together with Germany’s sixteen states, have created this website in order to increase awareness of the importance of protecting cultural property and to ensure transparency for all involved.