Heritage registers

Databases, watchlists, catalogues
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Sécurité et prévention
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Outils et bonnes pratiques - Bases de données, listes de surveillance, catalogues
Office of Environment and Heritage
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OEH maintains information systems to manage cultural heritage information assisting the department and stakeholders such as private landholders, community groups, local councils and state government agencies to locate, identify, conserve and interpret Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage values, sites and objects.

Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS)
AHIMS contains details of Aboriginal objects, places and other heritage values across NSW. AHIMS also contains archaeological reports and site records that are unique and, in many cases, irreplaceable.

Historic Heritage Information Management System (HHIMS)
HHIMS is a catalogue of post-contact heritage items and places managed by OEH, such as collections of heritage items and individual buildings, most of which are located in national parks and reserves.

State Heritage Register
The State Heritage Register is a list of places and objects of particular importance to the people of NSW. The register lists a diverse range of over 1,650 items, in both private and public ownership. To be listed, an item must be significant for the whole of NSW. Listing is made under the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW). The register was created in 1999.

State Heritage Inventory
Search the online heritage database of statutory listings in New South Wales which includes all heritage items and places listed on local government heritage registers, on State Government Heritage and Conservation Registers, and on the State Heritage Inventory.

NSW Historic Shipwrecks Database
The NSW Historic Shipwrecks Database includes all historic shipwrecks protected with the State Waters limited of NSW under the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW) and shipwrecks listed in NSW coastal waters under the Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976.