Criminal Investigation Directorate

Statut de l'acteur: 
Forces de l'ordre nationales
Nom officiel: 
Directia de Investigatii Criminale
Organisation principale: 
General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police - Ministry of Administration and Interior
Personne à contacter: 
Margareta Arsenescu
Police Chief Superintendent
Adresse postale: 

13-15 Stefan cel Mare blv

Numéro de téléphone: 
0040 21 316 46 98
Adresse email: 
Adresse email 2: 

General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police is the central unit of the police, with general jurisdiction. In the G.I.R.P., Criminal Investigations Directorate is the central unit who has in responsibility combat crimes against the person, public and private property, authority, and those affecting the relations of social life, except in cases of organized crimes. Preventing and combating crime at the national cultural heritage is the activity of specific named police officers who have in competence the following kinds of facts:
- theft from the museums, churches, public and private collections (artworks, antiques, archaeological finds – coins, panoply weapons, gold and silver jewelry; old books, especially religious items);
- theft by substitute of paintings from Art Museums;
- illegal excavations in archaeological sites and traffic with antiquities: coins, vessels, statues, etc;
-carried out unauthorized construction, destruction of historical monuments
- illicit traffic in cultural goods (national and international);
- destruction of cultural goods
- forgery of cultural goods

In the past 10 years C.I.D. was involved in many cases of restitution, with different countries including U.S.A., tacking in account the provisions of UNESCO Convention from 1970 and UNIDROIT Convention from 1995. 

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