Core Standards for Museums

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Déontologie - National
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Outils et bonnes pratiques - Recommandations
American Alliance of Museums (AAM)
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Core Standards for Museums (formerly called the Characteristics of Excellence) are the umbrella standards for all museums that are developed through inclusive field-wide dialogue. They are not prescriptive or how-to but broad, outcome-oriented statements that are adaptable and expected of museums of all types and sizes, with each museum fulfilling them in different ways based on its discipline, type, budget, governance structure, and other unique circumstances. Core Standards are issued by AAM, in collaboration with the main discipline-specific museum associations that concur the standards are applicable to museums of all types and disciplines. The Core Standards are grouped into the following categories: Public Trust and Accountability, Mission & Planning, Leadership and Organizational Structure, Collections Stewardship, Education and Interpretation, Financial Stability, and Facilities and Risk Management.