CHIN Guide to Museum Standards

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Sécurité et prévention
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Outils et bonnes pratiques - Recommandations
Canadian Heritage Information Network
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English, French

This guide contains basic information on why museum documentation standards are important, describes the main types of standards and how they are used in Canadian museums, and provides users with access to the standards. Users can learn about standards at a basic level, or find detailed information as required.

Includes standards that are required or recommended by CHIN for Artefacts Canada contribution, as well as other standards that are commonly used by Canadian museums. This Guide includes standards for metadata, vocabulary and classification, data content, data exchange, and museum procedures. It includes standards from a wide variety of disciplines (e.g. Art & Visual Resources; History & Ethnology; Education) and includes both general standards (e.g. Dublin Core) and highly specialized standards (e.g. the ICOM Costume Classification).

The following sections are included:
- Introduction
- Metadata (Data Structure Standards)
- Vocabulary (Data Value Standards)
- Cataloguing Rules (Data Content Standards)
- Interchange (Data Format Standards)
- Procedural Standards