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Trafficking in cultural property has become of increasing concern to governments and the international community. As controlling the cross-border movement of goods, people and means of transport is an essential responsibility of the Customs administrations, this function empowers them to serve as a first line of defence against illicit trafficking in cultural property. However, it often presents a challenge for the frontline Customs officers who may have limited time when making a determination on detention or seizure of a cultural object. Historically, the verification process in determining the provenance of suspicious commodities has been deemed time consuming and not achievable within the established timeframes, particularly in certain modes of transport.
Therefore, instant access to subject matter experts in the field of cultural property who can bring critical knowledge to the forefront of Customs is critical. The expertise may assist responsible officers in making more informed decisions when uncovering suspected cultural objects and smuggling within international supply chains.
In order to achieve this objective, ARCHEO was developed. It is a secure platform where Customs officials can seek consultation and assistance from experts in the field of cultural heritage as well as other stakeholders to help in identifying the object, its possible provenance and value. The use of ARCHEO can result in a better ability for Customs to ascertain critical information in order to facilitate rapid decision-making at the point of entry, transit or exit and likewise assist investigators who are confronted with this type of criminal activity. The ARCHEO platform also contains important background information within its internal library which can also arm Customs officers with the knowledge and expertise they need in their daily work.