Criminal Police Directorate

Actor status: 
National law enforcement
Official name: 
Uprava kriminalistične policije
Main organisation: 
Ministry of the Interior
Postal address: 

Stefanova 2
1000 Ljubljana

Phone number: 
00386 1 428 5315

There is no special unit specializing in combating crime related to works of art and cultural heritage in Slovenian police, but such offenses are dealt with in the context of property crimes.

Nevertheless, the General Police Directorate designed the preventive material to warn the general public about the importance of preserving cultural heritage (in Slovenia and worldwide) and to inform people about offenses, which may be associated to the art and cultural heritage. The material is available in the form of leaflets and also on the website of Slovenian police in Slovenian language. 

In addition to this, the General Police Directorate maintains a list or database of stolen and missing works of art, which consists only works of art that have been stolen or are missing in Slovenia.

The international cooperation takes place through Interpol, to where we also regularly inform about details of works of art and heritage objects stolen in Slovenia.

Within the Slovenia, Slovenian Police also participates in the interagency working group consisting of representatives of the police, the Ministry of Culture, the Culture and media Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia and justice. Working group strives for good and effective cooperation in the investigation of the negative events associated with the artworks and cultural heritage and to preserve and protect the cultural heritage.

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