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The "Advanced search" section enables access to an extensive number of existing tools, practices and resources and detailed information about organisations and institutions concerned by and/or involved in the fight against the traffic.

The tool is designed to help you easily find these data through a wide range of filters. All the data are divided into two types: Actors and Resources.

The "Actors" part provides information about all kinds of organisations and institutions that are concerned by the issue of illicit traffic in cultural goods: NGOs, public administrations, museums, police and custom agencies, etc. The "Actors" are organised in nine categories according to their status.

As for the "Resources" part, it offers a huge amount of documentation organised according to their type (book, article, Website, video, etc.) and the theme(s) they are addressing.

"Actors" and "Resources" have common geographic filters. You can either look for international data concerning a region (ex: an international NGO, a book about the traffic of works of art in Asia, etc.) or directly a specific country (a national law enforcement agency, a video on the traffic of Afghan cultural objects, etc.).

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